The Solid Rock

The Walls …

I’m like a boxer. Holding my gloves up in front of my face to protect myself from the 1-2 punch that’s coming. I’m looking for the opening to deliver my own right jab to my opponet. My gloves are my protection. My gloves are my walls.

My walls include, fear, anger, disappointment, insecurity, un-forgiveness .. I’ve had them for so many years and I’ve given them to God so many times.

My walls keep me from loving people.

It all points to rejection.

Years and years of childhood spent waiting for the criticism, the insult, the pain, the rejction. Years of putting my arms up in defence. Building walls to protect myself. Shutting people out and finding fault with them before they can hurt me. It’s a habit that has been diffcult to break.

I bravely gave these things over to God again today trusting him to be my protection. I asked him just how was he going to protect me? I ask him .. How can you stop people from rejecting me?

He said ..

I can’t stop someone from rejecting you but, if you build your house on the solid rock, when the winds blow and the storms prevail, nothing can tear it down.


That made me smile. Then I said – “Just how does one go about building on the solid rock”? He pointed out to me that building your self esteem in people, looking to them to be kind, or accepting and holding you up is building on the sand. People are not going to be able to give you something solid. Going to God for your self esteem and love is the solid rock.

He wants us to be able to withstand the harsh winds of rejection.  The stones and arrows of the world are going to come. We need to be solid so those arrows bounce off and then the world can see his light through us.


Better Than Gold!

My Thought for the Day

I get focused on keeping up with the Jones’s. I see what my neighbors have and I think that I’m not doing something right in my life because I don’t have as much “stuff”.

The Holy Spirit gave me a bit of wisdom today about that. I always forget that the ways of the kingdom are backward to the ways of the world. It feels so awkward because we were raised in the ideals of the world .. but here is what he said to me ..

In the kingdom relationship with God is the greatest. We look at material things as the greatest or the sign of success. But in the kingdom, relationship with God is the highest. Material wealth  is an outward sign that anyone in the world can achieve.

God wants us to put him first. It’s better than any gold on this earth.

Beauty For Ashes

This is a really good thought for me today. We all have dreams that just fail or explode or just don’t take off sometimes. The only constant in the world is God. He will always be the same even when people let us down.Beauty-for-Ashes-1 People WILL let us down. Letting go of the broken dream is hard, trusting again can be hard. I love that God is in the redemption business.

I saw this from Joel Osteen today ..

The scripture says, “God will give you beauty for ashes.” Ashes represent our broken dreams, our failures, our disappointments and our hurts. Here’s the key: you have to let go of the ashes before you can receive the beauty. If you won’t let go of the old, you can’t receive the new.

The Real Life: Happy Easter!

The Real Life:

Life goes on forever. There is no death for us now. This life we are living now is only the beginning. The life after this one is the real life. I wrote a song about it a few years ago. What a great feeling to know that life goes on forever …

Sit back and have a listen …. The lyrics are below ..

The Real Life

This is the real life

I cant deny you the truth

He gave his life just for you

Laid it down for you

To be set free

This is the real life

On the ground the blood was strewn

Poured it out just for you

Shed it out to set you free

Make no mistake this life goes on forever

The curtain’s torn thru his love it is severed

No more shackles on your feet

The burdens gone the devil’s beat

Bore the pain for you to be

To be set free


Have a great Easter!

No Worries Mate

Today as I sat quietly with God, I heard him say … I’m proud of you. I could feel his love for me. He is not worried or taking my inventory. So often I catch myself worrying about not being good enough or letting someone down. My imagination goes wild thinking that I’m being judged. There are probably people out there who are doing that. I’m sure I’ve picked up the vibe from some of them.

But mainly I put the pressure on myself. I think we transfer those feelings over to God. That’s what causes us to hide from him. Our fear that we are not perfect.

My sense from God this morning was just love. He is not disappointed in me and he is not worried. He is not picking me apart or keeping a record of all my shortcomings.

In the words of my Aussie friends large-file.jpg … No Worries Mate!

Just Let Them Scoff

 Lately God has been opening my eyes to people pleasing. For some reason I get caught in a vicious cycle of not wanting to offend people who don’t agree with me. I have several friends that I grew up with that I love dearly but our views on life have gone drastically different ways.

It’s nothing for them to attack and criticize things that I love but they don’t understand. I’ve wondered about this in my heart and how I should  approach it. Do I pour out grace on them and let them continue to scoff?

I came across this proverb today and it just nailed it for me.

“Do not reprove a scoffer, lest he hate you; rebuke a wise man, and he will love you.” Proverbs 9:8

Seems that the answer is yes, pour out grace on them and leave it alone. If they are wise and want to know the truth, then we can have an intelligent discussion. If they want to just continue to scoff and bury their heads in the sand, not much I can do about it. Just leave them be where they are.

Sweet Love – The Flood From Heaven

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 5.41.55 PMSWEET LOVE …

It’s a scary thing to walk up to the altar of a church. Your heart is pounding. Your palms are sweaty. Everything inside you is saying .. “NO .. I’m not going up there. I’m fine right here. I don’t need that.” But still you feel that little push inside your heart. Maybe it’s a word that the pastor spoke. Maybe it’s the whisper in your own heart. You don’t want to be exposed to all those around you and yet .. you can’t turn off that urgency to go up there.

That’s how I felt the first few times I went to the altar at my church. It was years ago, but it seems like it was just yesterday. I can’t really remember why I was being prompted to leave the comfort of my seat and go .. I just knew I needed to go.

I stood there, not knowing what to expect. I had never had anyone lay hands on me or pray for me in that way. But I stood there and waited .. for what?

I remember these 3 awesome ladies came to me and started to pray. After they prayed for a time, one of them asked me what was going on? How could they help me? I don’t know why but I said .. I can’t feel anything. They were praying over me and I couldn’t feel anything. They continued to pray for me and they didn’t stop until the breakthrough came. And when It did, it was like a flood. A flood of love like I had never known before. It reminded me of the feeling I had as a child, being held by my mother .. I was too old to be feeling that. It had been too many years, and yet, I was feeling it. Only it was much deeper and stronger and perfect and pure. I was feeling the love of my father in heaven for the first time. Though I have felt this feeling many time since then, It’s a moment I will never forget.

Putting that experience into words is really difficult. How do you describe the greatest love in all the world and what it feels like? I decided to write a song about it, to try and put it into words somehow .. here it is … It’s called SWEET LOVE. I have re-written the bridge on this song since I made this video but it’s still cool I think.