Make Sure To Use A BIG Stone!

An Easter Vision ….


I don’t normally make a fuss over Good Friday. This year it fell on the day that I go to my church small group. We decided to do communion that night and commemorate Good Friday. As we were sitting in reflection, I got this really cool vision. I saw a woman with a pail and some clothes in her hands walking down a path towards the tomb where Jesus’s body had been put after the crucifixion.

As she was headed towards the tomb, there were some men standing in front of it. They were Pharisees. They were speaking to one another and one of them said to the other … Be sure to use a really big stone in front of the tomb. We don’t want anyone to think someone came and stole the body.

Then I heard the voice of God laughing and saying .. Yes, Be sure to use a really big stone in front of the tomb!

He wanted to be sure that this miracle would be seen as a miracle and not an act of man!


The Real Life: Happy Easter!

The Real Life:

Life goes on forever. There is no death for us now. This life we are living now is only the beginning. The life after this one is the real life. I wrote a song about it a few years ago. What a great feeling to know that life goes on forever …

Sit back and have a listen …. The lyrics are below ..

The Real Life

This is the real life

I cant deny you the truth

He gave his life just for you

Laid it down for you

To be set free

This is the real life

On the ground the blood was strewn

Poured it out just for you

Shed it out to set you free

Make no mistake this life goes on forever

The curtain’s torn thru his love it is severed

No more shackles on your feet

The burdens gone the devil’s beat

Bore the pain for you to be

To be set free


Have a great Easter!

No Worries Mate

Today as I sat quietly with God, I heard him say … I’m proud of you. I could feel his love for me. He is not worried or taking my inventory. So often I catch myself worrying about not being good enough or letting someone down. My imagination goes wild thinking that I’m being judged. There are probably people out there who are doing that. I’m sure I’ve picked up the vibe from some of them.

But mainly I put the pressure on myself. I think we transfer those feelings over to God. That’s what causes us to hide from him. Our fear that we are not perfect.

My sense from God this morning was just love. He is not disappointed in me and he is not worried. He is not picking me apart or keeping a record of all my shortcomings.

In the words of my Aussie friends large-file.jpg … No Worries Mate!

It’s Complicated

It’s Complicated

Here is a fun song that I wrote a few years back on my FLY HIGH BUTTERFLY Cd. It’s based on a relationship that I wanted and was encouraged to be in some some leader type people. It was not a healthy relationship and I should have listened to God when he told me that it had poison in it .. oh well, live and learn.

It’s Complicated

I also got the idea from Facebook. I thought it was funny when people posted they were in a complicated relationship. Being the nosy type that I am, I wondered what was going on in those relationships … sooooo I wrote about mine.

Life Is Not A Competition?

I’ve been bummed lately going on the internet. It seems like every post I see is about someone who has more than me in just about every way. I’m seeing bigger cars, better jobs, more achievement and just people appearing to have more accomplished lives.

I start to feel old too because I see these really young people stepping into huge opportunities that were not available to me at a young age. I feel like my time is over and why keep going.

These are all thoughts from the enemy camp.

In my quiet time today Jesus tells me that time is irrelevant in the kingdom. Our spirit and our souls have no age. He says this is not a competition. Its not about beating out another person to win the prize. Its not about being on top of the mountain and getting the most toys.

He says that your life is a journey. A beautiful special journey that is tailor made just for you. There will be struggles and victories. There will be high’s and low’s. The idea is to just keep going and remember that this life is not just about doing things. It’s about being in a relationship with him. Getting your life from him so that you can be so full that you have so much to give. Everything about God is about getting full to give .. that includes money too. He told me that he does not hate money. It’s what you do with it that counts.

Grace Can Take It All

13.jpgI’ve had a little battle this week with religion. It’s a nasty little spirit that likes to invade churches and tighten down with a grip of control. the sad part is that most people who are stuck in it, don’t know that they are. Perfection becomes the norm. Perfection and a need to be right instead of understanding.

As I’m spending time with the Lord about it today he showed me a vision. I saw the huge dapple gray horse.

It was the biggest horse I had ever seen. His back was just a little taller than my head. I went up to pet him and he was so strong. I could feel the strength coming off him. Jesus said this was Grace.

Its hard to describe how Grace felt. He was so strong and capable and unmoving. Jesus was sitting up on him. As I was standing there Jesus pulls me up on him. I looked all around me and it seemed that I was way up on a mountain. He said ..  How does it feel to be sitting on top of Grace? It made me cry because I could see that we were above all the anger and hatred and guile of the world. Grace was strong enough to bear everything. All the dirt and every sin of this world. Grace could take it all.