Be Patient With Yourself

Be Patient With Yourself …

I was feeling kinda down today, thinking about things in my life that I was not happy with. Seems I always want more than I’ve got. Here is what I heard from the Lord today about my situation. I hope this encourages you!

Sometimes life is solitary. Sometimes there are things you have to do on your own. It doesn’t mean that you are unloveable or unimportant. It just means that you have things to learn on your journey. When its time to add people to that journey they will come.

There are so many steps to take. like a baby learning to walk. Their parents hold them up while they are weak but soon they are standing and then running. You too will run. And you will have strength in your wings.

So be patient on this journey. Be patient with yourself. Be glad with every step. Congratulate yourself on the small things you accomplish. Don’t be mad because you didn’t accomplish the big thing in one day.

Be proud to stand on your own two feet. You are a child of God!DSC_0029


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